Annie Pruitt

Annie Pruitt is the Executive Director and Co-founder of Charm City Companions. Annie is a research expert, bringing over 20 years of consumer research experience to CCC. Annie was inspired to start Charm City Companions in Baltimore City following years of work developing strategic communications plans for social marketing campaigns targeted at underserved communities.  Recent work in helping to develop a national model [The HSUS’ Pet For Life program], which assists families and pets in underserved communities across the United States, lead Annie to working full-time for this cause in Charm City.

Charm City Companions (501c3, non-profit) is a community outreach initiative, modeled after The HSUS Pets for Life community outreach program making an impact in underserved communities across the country. We work with pet owners and the community at large to keep pets off the streets, out of shelters and in their homes with the companions they love.  Through our work we help build healthier, safer and stronger communities.