Help Build Healthier Neighborhoods

As with most non-profits, we need support.  While we have an incredible partner in The State of Maryland Department of Agriculture who has funded our free spay/neuter initiative since 2014, much more is needed for pet families in under-served communities.  Please consider donating toward these costs:
Urgent Care Vet Visits
$40 for exam
$29 average treatment/medication
$23 average for basic vaccinations
$200 – $600 minor surgery
Other Wellness and Safety Services
$30 (3 months) flea/tick treatment
$40 grooming of severely matted/compromised pets
Transport Vehicle
About 90% of our clients need their pets transported because they don’t have reliable transportation and they can’t travel with their pets on public transportation. In order to help with transporting, we are in need of a reliable transport vehicle so we can pick up our clients’ pets and return them safely home on the day of the surgery.
Your donation will further extend our reach and impact in under-served communities and help keep pets in their homes with the families they love.
As with most non-profit organizations, we’re also in need of those willing to donate time. If you love animals and people, and you’re looking for a way to bring fulfillment to others and yourself, this is the place!
Charm City Companions (501c3, non-profit) is a community outreach initiative, modeled after The HSUS Pets for Life community outreach program making an impact in underserved communities across the country. We work with pet owners and the community at large to keep pets off the streets, out of shelters and in their homes with the companions they love.  Through our work we help build healthier, safer and stronger communities.