About Us

Charm City Companions (CCC) is a 501c3, non-profit organization in Baltimore City working to build stronger, safer and healthier neighborhoods by facilitating pet wellness in underserved communities. CCC strives to keep pets off the streets, out of the shelters and in their homes with companions they love.  Research shows that pets help people feel purpose and live healthier. By connecting pet families and helping facilitate access to resources, we’ve contributed to healthier neighborhoods in the city since 2014.

We do this by going door-to-door, block-by-block, to meet people within the community and learn about their pets. All services we help facilitate are free to our clients in effort to remove any barriers to pet wellness. We are grateful to be able to facilitate wellness for so many pets, alleviating stress for their owners who many times have taken suffering animals off the streets. The latter being the primary reason that people who can’t afford pets will always have them.

To make long-term, lasting impact, we work in a specific Area of Focus which was selected following a comprehensive community assessment where we found nearly 40% of the people residing in these neighborhoods live below the poverty level – around $24k for a family of four.  Currently we work specifically in five zip codes:  21202, 21205, 21213, 21224, 21231.

We are able to make a significant impact in the community, but only because of our partners and clients. We work collaboratively to extend our reach and that of others. The approach has rendered remarkable results in just three years, organically growing our program and mission.

Annie Pruitt and Emily Kelley, Esq. established CCC in 2014 after helping develop a national model for community outreach, Pets for Life, being implemented in neighborhoods across the country, serving hundreds of thousands of pet families.