About Us

About Charm City Companions ( 501c3, non-profit): CCC is a community outreach initiative, modeled after The HSUS Pets for Life community outreach program reaching under-served communities across the country, which was co-developed by illume communications’ Annie Pruitt, co-founder of CCC. Charm City Companion’s goal is to extend the reach of animal welfare services, resources, and information to under-served communities in Baltimore City.

We do this by going door-to-door to meet people within the community and learn about their pets. To best serve our clients we make spay/neuter, an important pet wellness service, free to those that live in our Area of Focus. This Area of Focus  has been selected because nearly 40% of the people living in these neighborhoods live below the poverty level (~ $24k for a family of four) and therefore struggle with the cost of spay/neuter.